The Association for the Protection of Cultural Heritage (KMKD) was founded in 2014 to document and assess cultural heritage that is abandoned, neglected and under risk of destruction. We believe that the cultural heritage created by all communities of Anatolia is the historical richness of Turkey and the shared heritage of humanity and therefore it is our common responsibility to protect it.

KMKD aims to contribute to the recognition and visibility of this cultural heritage and to its transfer to future generations.KMKD emphasizes the necessity of prompt action to be taken for our cultural heritage at risk. KMKD’s risk assessment reports prepared by an interdisciplinary team composed of conservation architects, civil engineers, archeologists, art historians as well as architectural historians serve this purpose.

These reports rely on archival research complemented by field studies conducted on site, and the resulting analyses aim at developing the most appropriate methods for heritage protection. KMKD carries out joint projects with national and international institutions to enhance the knowledge, skill and proficiency for the protection and awareness of cultural heritage at risk, to develop educational content and to provide heritage interpretation and management.


We work on

Capacity building and enhancement for more effective and sustainable preservation of cultural heritage,

Documentation, inventorying, digitalization, restoration of the architectural heritage as well as carrying out advocacy activities in favor of protection,

– Documentation and promotion of intangible cultural heritage,

– Conservation and digitization of movable cultural assets.