Completed Projects

Documentation and Protection of the Architectural Heritage of Anatolia

The aim of the project, which documented the current status of monuments that are abandoned today and is in danger of extinction, is to emphasize the need for urgent intervention in historical buildings at risk and to facilitate decision-making processes by transferring scientific information to the authorities and to contribute to extending the life of historical buildings. During the field visits organized in 2015-2016 in Kayseri, Adana, İzmir, Elazığ, Niğde, Bursa and Artvin, 130 monuments built by the communities that lived in Anatolia were assessed and documented with their historical information, architectural features, registration status and ownership. Detailed reports prepared by an international expert group. These reports include historical and architectural research for each building, their current state and risk assessment, as well as recommendations on minimising threats and suggestions for their conservation and presentation/use. The architectural conservation methods to be applied are discussed according to the situation and specific context of each building. These reports can be accessed and downloaded in the Publications section of our website.

Project Partner: Anadolu Kültür

Funder: US Embassy in Ankara

Project CoordinatorÇağla Parlak 

Project AssistantMert Hocaoğlu


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