Administrative Board & Supervisory Board

Administrative Board & Supervisory Board

Administrative Board


Evangelia Şarlak Chair

Born in Istanbul at 1962 Prof. Dr. Eva Şarlak is graduated from Saint Benoit French Highschool School. She continued for her undergraduate program at Classical Archeology Department of Istanbul University. She completed her master and doctorate degree at Techcnical University in History of Art program. She became an Associate Professor in 2006 on European and Contemporary Art. Şarlak obtained her professor degree in 2012 at Faculty of Fine Arts /Visual Arts Department. Besides to her works and participation to the projects of Princess Island Museum and exhibitions on the Greek Architects, she published books and numerous articles and attended many conferences


Sylvio Ovadia Vice Chair


Alin Pontioğlu Secretary


Laki Vingas Treasurer

Pandeli Laki Vingas is an entrepreneur managing his own export-import business since 1983. As a member of the Greek minority of Istanbul, he has been very active in the social affairs of his community, including active participation in Greek minority cultural organizations.

In 2010, he was among the initiators and founders of the Association for the Support of the Greek Community's Foundations (Rumvader), which coordinates the activities of all 69 foundations of the Greek minority in Turkey. He served as president of Rumvader from January of 2011 until December of 2012. He has participated in many conferences with topics ranging from religious freedom and Turkey's bridge to the European Union, the role of minority foundations in Turkey,  and the experience of a minority person living in Turkey.

Born in 1961, he received his degree from the Technical University of Yildiz in Istanbul with a degree as a naval mechanical engineer. He lives in Istanbul with his wife and three children.


Elmon Hançer Member

Elmon Hançer completed her license degree in Department of Archeology and History of Art at Istanbul University in between 1989-1993. In 1996, Hançer completed her master’s degree in Institute of Social Sciences, Archeology and History of Art Department at Istanbul University and she completed her doctorate degree in the same institute, in 2000. Hançer, involved with several projects as a consultant about history of art. Besides her membership at KMKD, she is member of HAYCAR (Association of Armenian Architects and Engineers) and founding member of Sivas Armenians and Friends Association.


Banu Pekol Member

After attending Cognitive Science classes at Cornell University as an undergraduate student, Banu Pekol was educated at the Courtauld Institute of Art in London, specializing on geometry and proportions in Western European Late Gothic Architecture. She completed her PhD at the Istanbul Technical University, in the department of Architectural History focusing on the reuse of historic structures for new purposes, and its meaning for design and collective memory. She teaches architectural history and design courses at the Istanbul Technical University and Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University and has been writing in the Design Newspaper (previously part of Radikal Newspaper) since 2009.  She is currently restoring her late 19th century Greek house in Istanbul.
As a graduate of classical ballet and continuing to practice modern dance, she has been experimenting on methods to merge architecture and movement/dance, as part of the boDig collective. These experiments involve both theoretical work on perception, materiality and the virtual, and the use of new media in kinetic research, including real-time interaction, 3D models and actual sites.


Nazaret Binatlı Member


Supervisory Board

Jan Gavrilof

Selen Erken

İnci Türkoğlu


KMKD Coordinator: Çağla Parlak

KMKD Project Assistant: Mert Hocaoğlu